As a conductor, Massimo’s interests lay mainly in both ‘contemporary classical’ and ‘Romantic’ era music. Through his studies at the Meerjarige Dirigentenopleiding (MDO) and several courses (some extracurricular) at the Conservatory of Utrecht (HKU), Massimo aquired knowledge in both instrumental, as well as in choral conducting. Up until 2023, he led the accordeon orchestra Crescendo in Leersum and a number of different choirs. In 2022 he assisted the Utrechtse Studentencantoorij (USC) as an internship trainee, as well as KamerOrkest Driebergen (KOD). In Spring 2023 he had the honor of sitting-in at a five-day masterclass and conducting the Siamo Orchestra in front of maestro Jorma Panula. At the moment he also conducts the Leidsche Rijn Koor. Massimo is frequently asked to step in as a substitute conductor.

Are you looking for an instrumental or choral conductor? Get in touch for more information. For a sneak peak at some pieces he has conducted, scroll down!

Some pieces Massimo has conducted recently:

  • Canto No Berce (2015) Julio Domínguez
  • Skyfall (2012) Paul Epworth
  • An Irish Blessing (2011) Jaap Kramer
  • All for Love of One (2008) Bob Chilcott
  • Alcázar – Spanish Overture (2004) Llano (Kees Vlak)
  • Böhmischer Traum (1997) Norbert Gälle
  • Tokyo Adventure (1997) Luigi di Ghisallo (Kees Vlak)
  • Kalá Kallá (1996) Eric Whitacre
  • Lord Most High (1996) Don Harris & Gary Sadler
  • Lullaby: Goodnight My Angel (1993) Billy Joel
  • Conquest of Paradise (1992) Vangelis (Evanghelos Odysseas Papathanasiou)
  • Oblivion (1984) Astor Piazzolla
  • Jubilate Deo (1976) László Halmos
  • Go Like Elijah (1972) Chi Coltrane
  • La Montagne / Het Dorp (1965) Jean Ferrat / Wim Sonneveld
  • Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra (1949) Aaron Copland
  • La Jument de Michao (1937) ~ Traditional ~
  • Por Una Cabeza (1935) Carlos Gardel
  • Come, Ye Faithful (1932) Reginald Sparshatt Thatcher 
  • I Vow To Thee, My Country (1921) Gustav Holst
  • Serenade – Dreams All Too Brief (1914) Edward Elgar
  • Rakastava (1912) Jean Sibelius
  • Bella Ciao (19th Century) ~ Traditional ~
  • Carmen Suite – No.1 Prélude & Aragonaise (1875) Georges Bizet (Ernest Guiraud arrangement edit)
  • Clarinet Concerto in A major, K. 622, II. Adagio (1791) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Symphony Nr.40 in g minor, KV 550 (1788) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Green Sleeves: Alas My Love (16th century) Anonymous